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WMC Fans is a young and dynamic Belgian company, focusing on industrial high temperature convection fans.

Our innovative design (naturally cooled, maintenance free) demonstrates high reliability in the field.

Convection fans might look small and insignificant.

They are far from being that!

What can make the difference ? 

“The ten commandments of the convection fan” !

  1. Limited space requirement
  2. Limitation of external forces on the furnace wall
  3. Acceptable general mechanical behaviour, high reliability and long lifetime
  4. Acceptable thermal behaviour
  5. Low and easy maintenance
  6. Capability to cope with abnormal furnace operation
  7. Energy consumption
  8. Noise
  9. Modular concept & easy and rapidly available spare parts
  10. Flexibility, adaptability to different furnace designs while maintaining simplicity, interchangeability and symmetry.